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Humpday Humor (for the sleepy muscle heads)

Humpday Humor (for the sleepy muscle heads)

(sorry for the day late post)

I am pretty sure this is how I’d look these days. I’ve been so tired and busy with other (lovely life changing) things, I haven’t been to the gym in weeks!

Time to get back on track this weekend!!!

Hump Day Humor

Happy First Day of Spring!!!  Please enjoy the best internet photo ever…this is how happy I am that Spring is finally here!


Humpday Humor!


I love this meme, because well, I love cats and how independent and narcissistic they can be.  But it’s a reminder for myself that I don’t NEED everything I want.  Although, it’s pretty funny when a cat does…

Hump Day Humor!

business-cat-on-self-starting-photo-u1Business Cat is one of my favorite internet memes…click the photo to be taken to a collection of 47 best Business cat Memes. Mew!

Humpday Humor (1 day late…)


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