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Free Yoga isn’t only on Youtube

I try to go to the Yoga class at my gym, but they changed the time of my favorite instructor’s class and it unfortunately does not fit my schedule.  I decided to watch yoga videos at home to keep up the practice on my own time.  I’m comfortable practicing yoga on my own because A. I’ve had some yoga class experience where I’m confident in my form and B. No one is there watching me fall over repeatedly.  I’m also on a strict budget, so I perused through the multitude of free yoga videos online and found the best instructor for me.


Yasmin Yoga: Basics 1: Breathing & Alignment is a full one hour video that can be found for free on Hulu.  I’ve only practiced this one video and cannot wait to complete the other videos in the series.  All in all there are 5 one-hour episodes available for free on Hulu and the Yasmin Yoga Website has free downloads of guided meditation and other instructional videos.  Yasmin Yoga is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Yasmin Yoga: Basics 1: Breathing & Alignment video is very relaxed without being super cheesy.  The well instructed verbal commands voiced over the yoga practice performed on screen keep you from fumbling from the tv/computer screen to your own body.  Yasmin’s fluid instruction is fairly slow with clear and concise movements that are also modified for all levels.  It’s helpful if you have a folded blanket and yoga blocks if needed, which is unfortunately not explained before the workout begins.  I would recommend this film for beginners, or anyone who wishes to focus more on their posture and breathing.

*If you are attempting to practice Yoga for the first time, please attend a class by a certified instructor to learn the basic forms to avoid injury.  I am not a certified yoga instructor and practice yoga casually.  Please listen to your body!*


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Furthermore, if you ever thought about joining Hulu for $7.99 per month, you can get 2 weeks FREE with no obligation to continue your subscription by using this referral link.  It’s as easy to cancel as it is to sign up!

Hump Day Humor (for tech geeks)

humpday for geeks

Just Breathe.

Just a quick post to remind you all to breathe.

In my weekly Yoga classes, we do a little breath control which really showed me how shallow my breaths are on a regular basis.  I love taking a deep controlled breath and feeling that stretch in my ribs and core muscles.  Paying attention to proper breathing benefits not only your body and fitness journey but also your emotional health.  Taking steady and relaxed breaths soothes the soul and enlightens your state of mind.  It is a true form of meditation.  A chaotic breath can denote a chaotic mind.  You can do breath control at work, at home, outside, at the gym.   Just make sure if you feel light headed to take a break!

Take 5 minutes and just breathe.  Take a mini vacation from every day stressors.  Everyone has time for that.



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Focus on the Good.

With the horrible events over the past days in Boston, I find myself struggling between wanting to focus on learning more about the animals that terrorized that great city in order to find out ‘why,’ versus bringing sole focus on the good of mankind and the percentage of Americans who are not out to purposefully kill people.  I think I’ll choose the latter.  I hate giving the terrorist douchnozzles what they want:  Attention.  I feel the social media response has been wonderful by focusing on appreciating the first responders and victims of this tragedy and not losing faith in humanity, while still recognizing the magnitude of such horrible events.




Sticking with the theme of focusing on the good, I’ve taken my anger and sadness regarding the Boston events and have been going to the gym.  Sounds shallow right?  Everyone has their way of dealing with tragedy, and right now mine is to focus my energy on something positive: Myself.  The way you choose to focus positively on yourself may be quite different from mine.  Mine just happens to be my health, energy, and self-confidence.

The more I read and think about the bombings, the sadder and angrier I get, which is surely what the terrorists want.  So I choose to be positive.  I choose to turn this negative energy into something good.  (I also chose to send help to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing via  I chose to donate all I could afford to The One Fund Boston, but there are many other ways to send your assistance.  Please be sure not to get scammed with your online donation!)

Please don’t take this post as “I’m dedicating this workout to Boston” as this dude below did.  I appreciate anyone bringing their thoughts and prayers to the city, but this guy seems to be a bit of an attention whore.   That is not my intent and I will not be lifting my shirt up for the interwebs anytime soon.


I simply want to take this post as a chance to remind myself and others that there are bigger things going on in the world, so negatively focusing on yourself and your imperfections is a huge waste of your time and energy.  This is especially relevant with such a prevalent tragedy currently going on.  We should feel like life is something to appreciate every day, but not all of us do.  I know I don’t.  But today,  I actually enjoyed checking out my legs and glutes in the mirror when I put on my jeans.  They are not slim and slender, but they are strong and shapely, and that is a blessing.  Being healthy and alive is something to be recognized and appreciated.   With each breath I took in Yoga class the other night, I recognized the fact that I could in fact do just that…breath.

Take the time to focus on the good.  Appreciate what a wonderful parent, child, friend, partner, etc. you are to those who love you.  Recognize how well you treat your mind/body/soul.  High five yourself for reorganizing your finances or passing that exam or eating healthy today.  Take 10 minutes to meditate and clear your mind.  If you truly don’t feel there is any good or positive in your life, start with yourself.

Be good to yourself.

Be good to others.

The rest will follow.

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