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Hump Day Humor (for the plank artist)


I haven’t been diligent in keeping up with my planks, so yesterday at the gym I felt like the bottom photo more than ever!  But I know once I stick with it, it’s a fast return on my time and energy and I’ll be doing 1 minute planks again before I know it.

Humpday Humor (for the sleepy muscle heads)

Humpday Humor (for the sleepy muscle heads)

(sorry for the day late post)

I am pretty sure this is how I’d look these days. I’ve been so tired and busy with other (lovely life changing) things, I haven’t been to the gym in weeks!

Time to get back on track this weekend!!!

Hump Day Humor (for work-out-aholics)

This is very appropriate laugh for today.  I wore loose clothing so I could do some Yoga during lunch in the office.  But I do try to stay somewhat hidden!!


Humpday Humor (for Yogis)!

Finals Week is here!  Working on a college campus I’ve put in some overtime and my body is exhausted.  I’ve been trying to keep up with Yoga to relax and energize once I get home.  Honestly though, I start with Cobra Pose then end up falling asleep afterwards, or alternatively one can say I end up in “corpse pose”.

Today I can do Child’s Pose all day long, I’m feeling very sloth like…


Hump Day Humor (for cat lovers)

Inspiration for the gym on this beautiful Humpday! Today is a party at work with delicious food presented ALL DAY…luckily there are very healthy options.  I just have to make sure I make the right choices!

Also, I’m pretty sure these animated gifs were made with me in mind…

catarobics catarobics2 catarobics3 catarobics4 catarobics5 catarobics6

Hump Day Humor (for nerds)


I smirk at this but also think of it as a philosophical scenario.  If you were in the same room with your past self, what would you want to say?  I’d probably slap her in the face Moonstruck style and say SNAP OUT OF IT! Get healthy again!  You can do it!  Don’t waste the next few years eating your feelings when you can start turning your life around today! It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.


ok, fine, i’d be a little nicer about it.  If I’ve learned anything over this past year, it’s to be nicer to myself.  But I would certainly be honest.  Tactfully honest is my motto.

No need to be a jerk.  That’s my general life rule.

Lady “Lump” Day Humor!

I recently got new bras that fit me like a dream and have really helped reduce my back pain.  It’s beneficial for any woman to get an over the shoulder boulder holder that fits them properly.  Check out the Curvy Fashion links to find some stores for the well endowed lady.

As far as today’s Lady “Lump” Day Humor funny, I know “The Vise” and “The Heavy Hitter” all too well…

lol bras

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