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Humpday Humor (for the creatively lazy)



I have no idea why Beaker is involved with this quote, but it only makes it better. ¬†ūüôā

Hump Day Humor (for the plank artist)


I haven’t been diligent in keeping up with my planks, so yesterday at the gym I felt like the bottom photo more than ever! ¬†But I know once I stick with it, it’s a fast return on my time and energy and I’ll be doing 1 minute planks again before I know it.

Hump Day Humor (for work-out-aholics)

This is very appropriate laugh for today.  I wore loose clothing so I could do some Yoga during lunch in the office.  But I do try to stay somewhat hidden!!


Humpday Humor (for Yogis)!

Finals Week is here! ¬†Working on a college campus I’ve put in some overtime and my body is exhausted. ¬†I’ve been trying to keep up with Yoga to relax and energize once I get home. ¬†Honestly though, I start with Cobra Pose then end up falling asleep afterwards, or alternatively one can say I end up in “corpse pose”.

Today I can do Child’s Pose all day long, I’m feeling very sloth like…


Humpday Humor!

lose weightI joke because lately I have been ravenous, but I’ve also been working out harder than normal. ¬†The two go hand in hand! ¬†Luckily, you can still eat and lose weight, just choose the right foods. ¬†Or if you aren’t losing weight, perhaps gaining, but still feel you are making the right nutritional choices, pay attention to how your clothes are fitting and how you continue to feel. ¬†Don’t let the numbers control your life, but make a change if you feel like you’ve hit a wall. ¬†I’ve actually been gaining pounds, but I feel my clothes fitting differently and being back at the gym lifting weights has given be strength, energy, and enough confidence to not let the scale dictate how I feel. ¬†Let’s hope I can continue to feel happy and healthy without the frustration of not losing weight.

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