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Those who know me are well aware that I adore social media and try my best to use it’s power for good and not evil.  I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of something called #100happydays from friends, but surprisingly there has been no mention of Chachi.

To complete this self awareness challenge you must sign up, then post a photo via your choice of social media of something that represents “happiness” to you for 100 days straight.  All the while making sure to use #100happydays to organize your images.  This was not created to brag, it was created to inspire. I’m on board with that!

The website shares that people successfully completing the challenge claimed to:

 – Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
 – Be in a better mood every day;
 – Start receiving more compliments from other people;
 – Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
 – Become more optimistic;
 – Fall in love during the challenge.


Today I decided to take on the challenge because:

1. I love taking photos

2. I love sharing on social media

3. I love any reason to focus on happiness

I challenge you all to join me on this journey and sign up for your own #100happydays.  Once the challenge is successfully completed you will get a little 100 page book for free of all your images. Don’t skip a day!

Here is my first #100happydays image.  It’s a post card from a former student worker who is now serving in the Peace Corps teaching in a small fishing village in Cambodia.  She wrote to thank me for my letter of recommendation which helped her get accepted into the program.  My heart swelled with pride when I read it.


Please follow me on Instagram if you want to learn what makes me happy every day! I will gladly follow you back!

Purpose, Hope, and Impact.

I wanted to write today about the purpose of this blog, what I hope to achieve by maintaining it, and what impact it is having on my journey towards health and wellness so far.

My purpose here is part personal therapy through writing and part joy in the possibility that telling people they are not alone in their struggles with food and weight loss may help them find their own happiness.  I felt alone for most of my life regarding my relationship with food and weight.  There were numerous helpful outlets for under-eaters, not so much for over-eaters when i was growing up.  It was not fun.  This blog is a personal account of my relationship with food and exercise.  Will my decision always be the healthiest for me?  No.  Will I try to get back onto a healthy path if I fall off?  Yes.  I’m a work in progress.  I know this.

I’ve received mixed feedback about this blog but I love the energy and conversations coming out of my posts.  My approach to wellness may be unorthodox compared to other weight loss and health blogs by scholars and professionally trained health gurus.  As a commenter wrote on my first post, my testimony is a ‘common sense’ approach to health and happiness.  Am i happy and healthy? Most days.  Could I be happier and healthier? Sure.  Am I happier and healthier than I was 8 months ago?  Heck yes!  Do I want to go back to where I was 8 months ago?  Heck no!  I would love to be able to lead a completely organic whole and fresh food diet with no processed foods.  I know many people who do lead these amazing lives, feel great, and I admire them for that.  I am not saying it’s impossible for anyone to reach that lifestyle, I encourage it if you feel it’s what you want to do.  I really enjoy delicious fresh meals and organic vegetarian cuisine, but sometimes I just have time and money to reheat that lean cuisine in my freezer.

Life can get in my way as far as maintaining a healthy routine.  Work, relationships, and health issues (like surgery) can put a temporary hold on your path to wellness if you don’t make that extra effort to find the time to make the right decisions regarding food and movement.  You are not a bad person if you forget about your journey for a while due to these distractions, but it will certainly take it’s toll. I tend to internalize negative thoughts and doubts that can cause constant road blocks deep in my psyche that effects my decision making skills during these times. I can feel like I’ve failed or sabotaged myself if I don’t make the perfect decision.  I started this blog to not only remind myself, but remind all the yo-yo dieters, moms and dads, workaholics, lazy butts, and others that if you fall down on your own personal journey, it’s OK.  Get back up, make a plan to continue on the path to wellness and make it a lifestyle, not a temporary goal or “diet”.  Don’t lose hope.  Change your thinking.  Don’t get discouraged by time passing you by.  If you fall off course it makes it difficult to get back on track, but it’s not impossible.  I am still learning what’s best for me nutrition wise, I’m hammering out this journey as I go, I’m still growing into the best version of myself.  My hope is to be a positive and supportive friend through this blog for all my readers.  Being happy is more than just achieving your goal, it’s living a life that’s right for you.

The positive impact of this blog has been quite substantial in less than a week of going live, and for that I cannot be more thankful.  I’ve had numerous friends/acquaintances/strangers give me such genuine support and feedback about my writing and kudos as to my weight loss accomplishment thus far.  This drives me to continue on course the right way.  The not so positive feedback reminds me to be clearer in my message to the public, and to find my voice.  I am thankful for that as well.  The best review I received was from my father.  He told me the other day that I am an engaging writer and he’s shared my blog with people he feels would appreciate my story.  That is the highest form of flattery from someone I have extreme respect for.  It’s a nice example of showing someone how their actions make you proud of them.  I thank my father for that, and for his and my mother’s ongoing support of such a public display of intimate details about their daughter.

This blog has been a positive influence in my life in such a short amount of time.  My psyche feels free and lighter with each post.  The feedback keeps me sharp and honest with myself.  I think this blog will help mend my mind and lead not only my body, but my soul to achieving the highest form of health and happiness for me.  I welcome all types of feedback and I’d love to start a dialogue with you about any topic I’ve covered on my blog or one I have yet to write about.  Please feel free to e-mail me at or comment here.


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