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Hump Day Humor (for vacationers)

Sorry my blog posts have been few and far between. June has been a busy month with lovely changes, a few challenges, and a road trip!

Currently I am on vacation, so this comic is quite relevant to my relaxation mode. Enjoy!


Humpday Humor (for the thick thighed)

thick thighs

Aaaaaand this is one of many reasons I don’t even own an iron or an ironing board! I am proud of my thick strong legs! I bet you are wondering what the other 24 reasons are… 😉

Hump Day Humor (teehee)

I had such a great workout tonight! 1 hour of yoga then a 30 minute run. I won’t say the following comic has never happened to me, but tonight I was gas free in class! : )


Lady “Lump” Day Humor!

I recently got new bras that fit me like a dream and have really helped reduce my back pain.  It’s beneficial for any woman to get an over the shoulder boulder holder that fits them properly.  Check out the Curvy Fashion links to find some stores for the well endowed lady.

As far as today’s Lady “Lump” Day Humor funny, I know “The Vise” and “The Heavy Hitter” all too well…

lol bras

Happy Easter!!

Make good food choices today at your Easter feasts then unwind from the holiday with some relaxing bunny yoga!

Happy Easter! bunny yoga

Humpday Humor (for geeks)

I have been focusing on my Yoga moves lately so today’s image is very apropos.  It’s a good reminder that every shape and size can do Yoga to attain relaxation, strength, and flexibility with regular practice…even if you are short and green or tall and metal.

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star wars yogaPrincess-Leia-Yoga

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