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Hump Day Humor (for vacationers)

Sorry my blog posts have been few and far between. June has been a busy month with lovely changes, a few challenges, and a road trip!

Currently I am on vacation, so this comic is quite relevant to my relaxation mode. Enjoy!


Hump Day Humor (for cat lovers)

Inspiration for the gym on this beautiful Humpday! Today is a party at work with delicious food presented ALL DAY…luckily there are very healthy options.  I just have to make sure I make the right choices!

Also, I’m pretty sure these animated gifs were made with me in mind…

catarobics catarobics2 catarobics3 catarobics4 catarobics5 catarobics6

Humpday Humor!


I love this meme, because well, I love cats and how independent and narcissistic they can be.  But it’s a reminder for myself that I don’t NEED everything I want.  Although, it’s pretty funny when a cat does…

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