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Social Foodies

I love weekly traditions with good friends.  Most of these social engagements revolve around some type of meal which can be tricky when you are trying to watch what you eat.  Every Tuesday evening I visit with my close friends and super fun couple, Melissa and Sheryl.  Melissa used to work with me before moving onto bigger and better things, and her wife Sheryl is an amazing cook and foodie with a day job like Chandler on “Friends”…I still don’t know what she does after she’s told me a dozen times.

Sheryl just joined My Fitness Pal with a mission to get healthier and I could not be happier for her!  Our weekly tradition includes a home cooked vegetarian dinner, my addition of some type of dessert, and a TV series viewed on one of the movie networks that I don’t pay for at home.  Right now we have a weekly drama themed “Shameless Supper”, and last season it was “Dinner and Dexter” on Showtime.   Between these seasons, I think we are going to start a “Gobbling Girls” evening on HBO.

Tonight Sheryl made a low calorie savory butternut squash and carrot soup she just “threw together” as she usually does, with celery and onion in a vegetable based broth.  One bowl was only 115 calories, so I naturally had two bowls.

butternut squash

I opted to bring a nice and light dessert option, strawberry shortcake.  Luckily the local market had fresh strawberries, shortcake dessert shells, and lite whipped cream sitting all together in the produce aisle.  My decision was made for me.  Sweet!  We sprinkled a little sugar over the strawberries, macerating them into liquid sweetness.  It was a perfect way to spend about 200 calories.

strawberry shortcake dessert


Altogether, my two bowls of soup and dessert were 430 calories.  3 hours later, I am still full!

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