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It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week!


Shape Magazine wrote an article Monday about National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, mentioning that men make up 10% of eating disorders and that sadly in a 2012 study, eating disorders are increasing in children.  My advice to all mothers out there is to promote a healthy body image to your children and empower them with self-confidence.  Years ago my co-workers 9 year old daughter was telling me she wished she was thinner and prettier.  She was already both of those things, not that those facts even matter.  I felt it almost my duty to try and dispel these thoughts creeping around in her psyche at such a young age, without stepping on her parent’s toes.  Eating Disorders effect people of all shapes, all ages, all genders, and all ethnicities and has the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness (though there are varying studies regarding this fact).  National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is a very personal and meaningful time of the year for me.  I am not the only person I know struggling with this disorder.

ABC has an wonderful article that came out today stating 3 important facts to know about Eating Disorders.  I encourage you to read the wise words of Dr. Rebecca Chaznovitz.   I agree wholeheartedly with all three facts:

  1. Anorexia, Bulimia are not the only eating disorders. (I am living proof of this.)
  2. It often takes a family member or friend, to get treatment started. (not relevant in my situation.)
  3. Talk about it, talk about it more. (hence, another reason I have this blog.)

I’ll now end with some nicely prepared visual statistics from CNN Health:



Quick Confession of an Overeater with Anorexic Tendencies

katy edit

230 lbs.

I’ve officially gained back 4 lbs. since my 10lb. tonsillectomy surgery weight loss (226 lbs.) recorded exactly 2 weeks ago on 1/30/13.  I am OK with this.  The surgery’s all liquid diet was a fear of mine, a valid fear.  I wanted to maintain the weight loss after I was healed.  I knew this was not impossible but a long shot knowing my past habits.  When I decided to get the surgery, I was very nervous to be forced into a 2 week fast because of my history with feeling the high and euphoric rush of a quick weight loss.  During the 2 week recovery, I felt happy when I could tell that outer layer of water weight was gone and I could feel more of my collar and hip bone popping out.  I felt happy when I saw the scale drop 2-3 lbs. in a day, knowing very well that it was an unhealthy way to lose weight and difficult to maintain.  I told myself not to be happy with this, to fight your euphoria, but it was difficult.  It took until this morning to accept the fact that I have gained back 4 of the 10 lbs.  I came to terms with it almost immediately after stepping off the scale, I just don’t have the energy anymore to keep beating myself up over the feeling of going backwards instead of forwards.  If you feel yourself going backward, stop and re-evaluate.  Move forward again as soon as you can.  After a couple of weeks of ups and downs in my food choices, I now feel that I have a handle on my workout/movement routine and healthy diet.   I’m ready to accept and move on.  I’m ready to feel human and healthy again.

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