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It’s good to have goals!  I love having a goal, but I’m also living a busy life and want to trust my body to tell me that I’m OK at the weight I am, even if it’s more than my desired goal.  I’ve gone up and down on the scale, but overall I’m keeping a happy and healthy life!

Starting weight : 279
Current weight : 235
Goal weight: 200
Under goal weight 190

Lose 25lbs
Lose 50lbs
Lose 65lbs
lose 79lbs

katy ells

6/11/12 49-39-49
279 lbs.

August 2012260 lbs.

8/4/12 48-38-48
260 lbs.


10/22/12 46-36-46
249 lbs.

2/13/13 230 lbs.
2/13/13 44-34-44
230 lbs.

size 144/24/13  44-34-44 240 lbs.

11/9/13 - 249lbs.

11/9/13 – 46-36-46 249lbs.


2/14/14 254 Lbs. 46-36-46 (gained muscle mass)

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  1. Wow, this is amazing! So inspiring! You go girl!
    Hey you just got ONE pound to 50! Never lose the motivation, and yo, even when you do, just keep going, because this is great!

    • Thank you marieolivia! I know, that pound is going to kill me! I’m actually up and down a lot lately, but I’m getting back into a routine and hope to make the downs larger numbers than the ups! 🙂 Thank you for visiting!

  2. Lookin good Kate! 🙂

  3. Well done, Kate. You are looking beautiful.

  4. Congratulations Kate on doing things ‘the right way’ … You are looking fabulous ! Bless 🙂

  5. You inspire me, I started changing my eating habits and working out more for my wedding. It’s been such a slow weight loss process I’m getting frustrated. I know the answer is to work out more. I need to tackle this plateau. So far 10lbs down. Feels great, but I could use some tips. Think I’ll go back and read your blogs! Thanks Kate!

    • Thank you! Plauteus are soooo annoying! But remember as long as you keep going and switch things up you may be able to see results again soon! When is your wedding?


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