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Happy Blog Birthday, Baby!


On February 5th 2013, I started this blog because I needed an outlet to talk about the difficult task of reaching a healthier weight, staying motivated, and living a fit lifestyle in a world full of unhealthy temptation.  I figured if i could help some friends and strangers along the way connect with my stories, then that would be a wonderful accomplishment in my life.

67 posts and 16,761 views later, I would officially consider myself a blogger!  Perhaps I don’t blog as regularly as I should, but I do think that documenting my journey for a year has helped me deal with my daily food and exercise struggles and hopefully aided in some type of “you are not alone” support for my readers.

I want to thank any new visitors (Hi & welcome) as well as my amazing regular readers for coming back time and time again and taking away from it what is needed for you at that moment during your journey.  I’m not perfect, I’m not a professional, and sometimes I’m too ashamed of my actions to write everything down in a public forum. But the outpouring of support and encouragement from my readers fueled all of my entries and helped me to maintain a regular voice, and for that I will be forever thankful.

If you are entertained, inspired, or feel less hate towards yourself then my job here is worth every revealing entry.


About Pretty Patina Photography

I am passionate about vegetarianism, exercise and movement, yoga, cats, media, meditation, abandoned locations, and libraries.

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