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My Christmas Look: Put a Bird on It

As far as my Christmas outfit this year, I opted for the gray winter sky look with a partridge themed sweater in hopes of standing out amidst a sea of red that others would undoubtedly wear this holiday.

I apologize for the lack of links to purchase the items but most are discontinued or it was a gift, and I’m also sorry for my dirty mirror and wrinkled dress and dark photo. (I kinda phoned in this post)  But I had to share my amazing discounted find on the unfortunately discontinued DNKY Jeans plus size dress that was originally $108!! Hold the phone, that’s an insane price for that type of dress. Thank you sale rack for my $9.98 deal! If you are a bargain hunter like I am, it can be difficult to find larger cute clothing on sale, so I had to share.


Aside from the discontinued DNKY Jeans Dot Dobby Dress w/ Lace Back in size 14, I’m wearing a sweater with a bird on it from Target that is at least 5 years old and has a hole in the armpit because I’ve worn it so much.  I don’t believe it’s available anymore.

The black leggings are from Lane Bryant.  The ones I’m wearing have buttons on the bottom, but I also own a pair with lace on the bottom that are equally as cute and are on sale for $14.47 at LB right now!


The fringed ankle boots were a sale item from Lane Bryant (NLA).

The hair piece I’m wearing is from last years Lane Bryant collection but I cannot find it online anymore.  It is a headband I hid beneath my curls and it did not pinch my giant cranium with its tightness.


The understated elegant necklace was a gift from my loving sister the night before her wedding day.  All I know is that it is beautful and purchased from White House Black Market. I really suck a describing fashion items.


Here is proof that my adorable grey dress was under $10!

I threw this look together last minute because this week has been crazy.  But if I’ve learned anything, when in doubt, just but a bird on it and you will feel cute.


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I am passionate about vegetarianism, exercise and movement, yoga, cats, media, meditation, abandoned locations, and libraries.

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