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Kate’s Christmas Playlist

It’s Christmas Eve and driving home from our new family tradition of a delicious meal in Chinatown in Philadelphia, I was bombarded with the tunes of the season on the radio and I ate it up as easily as I did my broccoli in garlic sauce.  It reminded me I wanted to share with the world the top 5 Christmas songs I can’t wait to hear during this time of year.

1. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

I love this song so much, I automatically turn it up on the radio and sing to the car next to me.

2. Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney

I don’t care how overplayed this song is, it’s cute and fun and catchy as all heck!

3. Last Christmas – Wham!

Because well, it’s Wham!

4. Santa Baby –  Eartha Kitt

I love her breathy voice so much, I don’t mind the cheese factor of the song lyrics.

5. Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC

My Xmas jam!!


Happy Christmas – John Lennon

A little heavy for my holiday liking, but a good song nonetheless.

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday.  Relax, celebrate, enjoy.  MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOGISPHERE!  xoxo-Kate



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I am passionate about vegetarianism, exercise and movement, yoga, cats, media, meditation, abandoned locations, and libraries.

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