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High School Mentality at Abercrombie & Fitch – NO Fatties allowed!


I have something to say regarding the recent news surrounding Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries alleged reasons behind about why his company doesn’t carry any sizes for women above Large or size 10 pants.  (They kindly offers XLs for athletic men though, how nice of them.)

I’m sad and disgusted at his 2006 Salon Interview where he slyly targets people who “don’t belong” more than the fact that AF does not carry certain sizes.   Lane Bryant and Torrid and a few other Plus Size companies only carry a size 12/14 and up so you can say that they discriminate against smaller sizes.  The facts are just that, the facts.  The idea that these plus sized companies aren’t run by an asshat coupled with the disgusting marketing campaign of A&F, is a whole other issue.  I know that I’m sensitive to the issue of weight, but negative campaigning is quite a turn off in my mind.  Take the notion that A&F wants to target only “Cool kids” and the fact that they don’t carry larger sizes, and you have your circumstantial evidence of the fact that larger sizes = not cool.  You can make your own conclusion, but here is mine…

A&F is run by a douchenozzle with some sort of deep ridden inferiority complex still working his bigotted marketing angle to get press coverage. I hope he and the people working for him can sleep at night.  I almost didn’t even post about this subject and give him press.  Honestly, if he had not made such ridiculously dated statements about the kind of customers he wishes not to attract, this probably wouldn’t be such a huge issue right now on the interwebs.  He may not come right out and say “I hate fat and/or ugly people” in his interview from 2006, but by stating that he wants to attract only beautiful customers leads one to believe larger women cannot be beautiful since they don’t even carry over a size 10 jeans.  As a larger woman, I take offense to that!  I can honestly say I’ve never bought anything there in my life because it’s not my bag, but what if I was a gorgeous preppy fatty who really wanted that crested polo shirt??

Furthermore, by having nothing recent to say about their lack of larger sizes, they only make themselves look worse.  Is this on purpose as there is no such thing as bad publicity?  Anything is possible.  Luckily, I know I am a hottie and i’m more upset over the idea that drudging up his past words may make someone else feel less than beautiful or comfortable in their own skin.  This only makes my mission of spreading body acceptance even more important through my blog, and I will turn my anger into love.  I feel like I’m giving the terrorist what he wants by even writing about this, and I’m sure some A&F PR Marketing scheme is in the works due to down sales, but I also wanted to see what my readers have to say about it!




CBS News:  The Look of Abercrombie & Fitch ‘Thin and beautiful’ customers ONLY: How Abercrombie & Fitch doesn’t want ‘larger people’ shopping in its store

Yahoo! Finance:  Abercrombie & Fitch Refuses To Make Clothes For Large Women


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  1. WorkingUpTheCurve

    I’m right there with you girl. I won’t even walk into A&F, because I know I will just feel terrible about myself. I hate the fact that I sometimes look at their commercials and clothes and wish I could fit into them. It’s terrible that we are even made to feel this way. As I said in a previous post, It’s discrimination! There must be something radical that can be done to change the face of fashion besides, as you say, discriminating against smaller sizes. It shouldn’t be skinny love or fat love, it should just be love!

  2. WorkingUpTheCurve

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  3. You should check out A Sophisticated Pair’s blog she just poste about a ratio of models in lucky magazine and it’s really interesting! I can’t link it cuz I’m on my phone but it should come up on google. Anyways I had no idea about this as A&F always sold plain crap that was expensive (IMO) so I never liked that store! But now even more so! Ridiculous!

  4. I remember back in the late 80s, Calvin Klein said that he didn’t make anything over a size 12 because he didn’t think women SHOULD be over a size 12. I haven’t bought Calvin Klein since. If they don’t care about my business, I go somewhere else and tell everyone I can, why.

  5. I didn’t realize that they didn’t have sizes larger than 10. As a person who’s weight fluctuates a LOT, I have gone through periods of my life where I was greater than a size 10, and periods where I was smaller. At the end of the day, I want to be healthy and work out more, but I also want to look cute and fashionable ALWAYS! So it’s not fair for a major clothing company to discriminate against people who don’t fit their ideal for beauty. If the person is willing to pay for their outrageously over priced outfits, why shouldn’t they be able to, regardless of their size?

  6. Eff that place. I haven’t shopped there since I was in high school 12+ years ago. Even IF they had larger sizes I’m not sure I would shop at a place that makes clothes for teens but that’s just my opinion. Douchenozzle is a perfect way to describe that guy. Take your money elsewhere. Sadly, there is a lot of discrimination against larger people, as if we’re not allowed to buy clothes and be happy and feel sexy.

  7. So infuriated by this Ambercrobie & Fitch BS. I’ve never shopped there b/c they/ve never carried my size plus their shit is wack. When I first read this article I was thought “Well I will never step foot in there again,” but then I realized that’s what they want! I’m tired of reading about size discrimination from fashion brands it’s time to do something about it! Fatties need to reclaim our space! I refuse to let anyone let me feel less than human because of my size. I’m going to arrange a whole bunch of fat people to all shop in ambercrombie & fitch at once (of course not buy anyting) to reclaim our space!

  8. A&F is a company trying to make a profit in a culture that does discriminate against larger women. I know a woman can be beautiful and deserves to have clothes that make her feel comfortable at any size, however not all women shopping for clothes think that way. A&F seems to be targeting a market that shares that prejudice. I hope that our society can move past the image that thin, rich and white is the most desirable way to be, but until then I’m not too surprised that some companies are buying into this belief system and using it to further their marketing efforts.


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