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Diet Soda and Artificial Sweetners must go!

My ultimate downfall is fountain diet soda.  Diet Pepsi to be exact.  Oh man that sh*t is good!  It doesn’t hurt that sex bomb Sofia Vergara  is their spokesperson.  Me-ow.


Even though I love my diet sodas, I go through waves of beverage binges and cleansings.  During a work party last Wednesday with a plethora of diet soda choices which I happily enjoyed, my co-worker told me she is over one month clean of soda!   I decided, why not embark on a diet soda cleanse and blog about it.  Well, I think this blogging thing is good for more than just therapeutic reasons, it is making me do my nutrition research so I don’t sound like a dope and I actually learn stuff along the way!

I try to watch my sodium intake as a whole, and by cutting out diet soda I will lessen that as well as rid myself of the artificial sweeteners I’ve heard so many bad things about but I never researched it because I love my Splenda and ignorance is bliss.  But, if I’m going to cut down on diet chemicals, I must do it right.  That also means my Diet Peach Snapple has to go.  I will probably go through crack-like withdrawal this week from stopping my Snapple addiction as well, but I know I will feel so much better.  I already feel less bloated 3 days soda free!

My GP doctor  told me that it’s better for your body to consume one regular soda every so often instead of a diet soda every day since regular soda has sugar that your body could find use for, and artificial sweeteners trick your body into thinking other sweet foods are not as low in calories, resulting in weight gain!  No soda at all is, of course, ideal for weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.  Ultimately it is your decision to weigh the pros and cons of artificial sweeteners and come to your own conclusion.

I’m definitely going to choose to live Splenda and artificial flavor free starting today, but I’ve been diet soda free since Thursday and I don’t have one craving.  Hooray!  Natural sugars will be my sweetener choice from now on, including honey and agave nectar.  Teas taste yummy with both as sweeteners so I think I’ll get along just fine.

On an unrelated note, Happy Cinco De Mayo! I’ve been alcohol free since September 2011 which has also helped me curb calories and live a healthier lifestyle since my body did not process alcohol very well at all after I hit 30.  But this cat seems to enjoy is Tequila, and that’s all that matters.



Mayo Clinic – Artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes

WebMd Artificial Sweeteners May Damage Diet Efforts

Women to Women – Diet Soda


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  1. walkingmywaytoskinny

    Goodluck, you’re doing great! Giving up soda is hard, trust me! I was/am a coca cola addict! I have been without soda for 126 days and every day is a struggle. However, it is finally starting to feel easier and I no longer have those ridiculous cravings that seem to take over my life! Keep up the good work! You can do this! 🙂


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