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Yoga in the Workplace.

Some days I am walking all around campus where I work from meeting to meeting, barely getting 15 minutes to eat something, then before I know it it’s time to head home and I’m exhausted but happy to have been moving all day.  If it’s nice out, I try to walk around campus between meetings or for my lunch break.  But with mother nature being an unstable lady as of late, I don’t know if it’s winter or summer outside!

Most days though, I am sitting at my desk, working on schedules, composing e-mails, updating databases, and other computer tasks.  Needless to say my back and neck get stiff and crave movement.  I sit on my yoga stability ball only half the time now due to aggravated lower back pain.  I needed a little more support and I was cheating and slumping when I sat on the ball ALL day.

Today I brought a yoga mat into the office ($5 from 5 Below!) to do some stretches/strengthening exercises during my 2 allotted 15 minutes breaks.  You can burn around 50 calories doing 15 minutes of light stretching yoga techniques or burn more calories if you focus on energizing yoga techniques.  2x a day you already burned at least an extra 100 calorie and you will feel much more flexible, energized, and strong!  My plan is to take my Yoga breaks mid morning around 10:30am and late afternoon around 3pm when I get into that slump of sleepiness.

If you don’t have the means to use a yoga mat privately at work, there are plenty of alternatives to promote stretching and movement throughout the day.  You may look a little nutty to your co-workers, but when you can make it through the day without complaining about neck or back pain, looking a little different 2x a day will be worth it and your co-workers may eventually want in on the action.

  1. Taking just 5 minutes to stretch your neck every few hours can create a day without pain.
  2. Seated and Standing Yoga is a great way to not feel like you are growing roots at your desk.

5-minutes neck stretches at work

Today is day 1 with the yoga mat.  I will be posting my routine once I figure it out!  Wish me luck!


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I am passionate about vegetarianism, exercise and movement, yoga, cats, media, meditation, abandoned locations, and libraries.

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  1. You rock! I usually read outside at lunch, but I should be walking or do yoga! Or take a ten-15m. Break to do some in that afternoon slump when I’m munchy.


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