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My Magic Bullet Love Affair

banana strawberry smoothie

The Magic Bullet is the only Infomercial piece of machinery I own (thanks to a lovely friend who re-gifted it to me) and I cannot see my life without it!  Ok, that may be a tad dramatic, but I do have a new found love for this contraption.  It’s so easy to use, easy to clean up, and makes delicious smoothies in seconds!  I know there are lots of other recipes you can make with The Magic Bullet, perhaps one day I’ll be adventurous and try a few, but right now I’m enjoying my cheap and delicious smoothies at home.

katy drinking

“It tastes so good when it hits your lips!”

I am big on the strawberry banana soy smoothie made with 1 banana, halved strawberries that fill the cup, and lite soy milk filled to the fill line.  This smoothie is about 260 calories.  I also made a killer chocolate banana smoothie using chocolate flavored Designer Whey powdered protein (100 calories a scoop), 2 bananas, and soy milk.   It is higher in calories (around 360) but delicious and filling!  I don’t use protein powder too often, but when I feel the need for a little extra muscle boost I’ll throw some into a smoothie.  Being a vegetarian, I know I need alternative sources of protein.  I mainly get protein through green leafy vegetables, tofu, and legumes: some of the best natural source of protein for vegetarians, and great tasting!  If I feel I’ve been slacking on my protein diet from whole foods, I’ll throw in a scoop or two of the protein powder throughout the week.

In conclusion, here is a video of my friend Liz who was one of three Magic Bullet Kitchen Magician finalists in 2011, and though she did not ultimately win, she was so awesome that she now blogs recipes for them on occasion.

Liz also uses MyFitnessPal and is a eclectic comedic film pioneer  living in Brooklyn, NY.  She is one of my heroes.


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  1. Hi Katy! I love that you’re incorporating smoothies into your healthy lifestyle! I’ve recently started juicing with my new Vitamix, and have learned some things along the way. Since I’m having the juice as meal replacements twice a day, it’s important for me to have enough nutrients and protein. Instead of soy milk, I use unsweetened plain almond milk, which has less fat and sugar. For protein, I’ve found that chia seeds and quinoa (cooked ahead of time) are a great source of complete protein. They also allow the flavors of the fruits and veggies you add to come through. Sometimes instead of almond milk, I use some lemon juice (for cleansing) and cooled tea, such as ginger, fennel, or green teas (also made ahead of time).

    Just thought I’d share some of my fave juicing tips! Hugs ❤

    • Oh man, a juicer is next on my list! I just need more counter space, haha. I’ve yet to try Almond milk, but i’ve heard lovely things. I should probably switch since it has less sugar. I love learning more tips! Hopefully I will upgrade to a juicer soon and try some of your suggestions. Thanks Em! ❤

  2. I LOVE MY Elite Cuisine (a competitor very much like the magic bullet):)
    I don’t have a juicer, but I have so many appliances, I need to use what I have!!:) Slow cooker, food processor, pressure cooker, quesadilla maker, blender, bread maker, steamer, my fave red Kitchenaid mixer(it has a citrus juicer attachment), hand mixer, maybe I should do a garage sale?! jk They are all helpful, useful, wonderful!!

  3. Thanks for following “Honey.” We own a “Slap Chop!” Love those informercials.

  4. I used my Magic Bullet this morning! Love protein shakes for breakfast!

  5. My morning fruit smoothie gives me pure joy! Love it! So quick, easy, and healthy!


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