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Quick and Dirty!

I’ve been a busy bee this weekend.  I didn’t make time for the gym yesterday, and on top of that I had 2 social gatherings with delicious food!  I was determined to move my body today!

I got to the gym 30 minutes before closing to get in a quick cardio workout.  I was bummed I didn’t make it in time to do 30 minutes of weights, but I figured I can do some quick and dirty exercises once home.  I prefer the “back to basics” approach to exercises.  I look like an old lady every time I do my floor exercises, but the simpler the better for me!

Here is the rundown of today’s workout.  Please click through the image to be taken to another site with more details:

30 Minutes on the Elliptical, Level 12.

20 minutes ab and strengthening work at home.

  • Side Reaches (25 per side), Crunches(2 sets of 25), Leg Lifts (abdominal and side lying – 25).  Please see my post from the other day for a clearer picture of these exercises.
  • Arm Circles (25 forward and 25 backward).  Add weight if desired, or work up to it.arm circles
  • Shoulder Touches (25 per arm).  Add weight if desired, or work up to it. (this lady is workin’ it!  If you click the photo it takes you to some very simple home exercises for older individuals or people with limited mobility.)shoulder touches
  • Hip Raises (2 sets of 25)
  • hip raises

20 minute light stretching at home. I payed close attention to holding these stretches longer than I usually do to lubricate my joints as recommended by Kris at De-Stress Yoga.  One day I hope to try Yin Yoga (holding stretches longer than normal).

  • Pigeon Stretch, Lumbar Extension, Sitting Side Reach, Cat Stretches.  Please see my post from the other day for a clearer picture of these stretches.
  • Laying Quad Stretch
  • quad stretch
  • Groin Stretch.
  • groin stretch
  • Knee Hug Stretch and Knee Rolls for lower back.
  • knee hug stretch
  • Seated Toe Touch/Hamstring Stretch.
  • FLEX-hamstring-stretch-seated

    Total Calories Burned Today from exercise: 578


About Pretty Patina Photography

I am passionate about vegetarianism, exercise and movement, yoga, cats, media, meditation, abandoned locations, and libraries.

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  1. Your post this morning made me think that I should get exercising so I now have a gym membership! Thank you I think!! x

    • Haha, that’s great! You’re welcome? Even if you don’t want to go to the gym, there are lots of ways to get your body moving at home and outside. I’ll hopefully have plenty of other options to share!

  2. YOU GO GIRL! You can do anything in 30min.!:) AWESOME!

    • Being a major procrastinator, I need to constantly remind myself of that fact!!! This blog is keeping me accountable for making the time for myself and my health. Thank you for reading!

  3. I MEANT TO ASK YOU! Did you come up with “Quick & Dirty” or what does it mean (just floor exercises?) OR ? Am I just lost/confused? LOL thnx

    • I’m just referring to a quick workout since I didn’t have much time at the gym. If you can’t get to the gym, you can always make time for a quick workout at home (floor exercises). But you can always have a quick workout at the gym too. I was just expressing you don’t need to spend 2 hours in the gym to get a good workout in. 🙂


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