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1,000 Views & Countless Thank Yous!

CC image by Danielle Perez

CC image by Danielle Perez

I am humbled by the realization today that this blog has received over 1,000 total views since it’s inception on February 4th, just shy of 2 weeks ago.  I am somewhat new to blogging, and I am positive there are plenty of carefully thought out, researched, and fascinating blogs that get more to 1,000 views per day.  That gives me a beautiful goal to work towards, build an audience, and I am ready and excited to take on that challenge.  I am inspired every day with new blog topic ideas and have begun to really enjoy the research part as well as the personal experience of my approach to wellness.  The research is coming, promise. : )

I initially started this blog to yammer on about my life struggles with living a healthy lifestyle and food choices, with the hope that at least one person reads it and takes something positive away from my experiences.  I also use this blog as a therapeutic journal and will never claim to be an expert in weight loss and health, I can only share what I know or what I want to know.  Currently, I see no end to the information, ideas, and insight I can bring to the blogging community.  That being said, when I pay attention to the statistics and meet new blogger friends through likes and followings, it makes me feel like I am evolving into a lovely member of the blogging community.  I am becoming part of something larger than myself.  A community that I’ve had false starts in previous years because I was unable to find my voice. 2013 is the year I found my voice, and my confidence.  I am proud and privileged to be here.  I am here because of you and your support and encouragement and every day I strive to become a better version of myself while at the same time accepting who I am today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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I am passionate about vegetarianism, exercise and movement, yoga, cats, media, meditation, abandoned locations, and libraries.

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